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Books for Young Children

How Austin Got His Muscles                                            

by Shari Bilt Bockvar, MS, RD                                      My Lunch Box by Innovative Kids






                                          Shapesville by Andy Mills,

                                          Erica Neitz and Beck Osbor                               The Very Hungry Caterpillar

                                                                                                                        by Eric Carle






                                 Jamberry by Bruce Degan                                              Picky Nicky by Cathy East Dubowski                                                                                                  and Mark Dubowski







Resources for Tweens and Teens

Informational Websites

 1.  Kids Eat Right:

 2.  FITSMI:

  • A site for teen girls who are struggling with their weight and ready to make a change 

 2. Teen Guys: Choose the Foods You Need to Grow:


 3. Teen Girls: Eat Smart and Be Active As You Grow:


 4. Girls Health:

  •  A girls' only website to explore information on health, growth, development and other special concern

5. Bam! Body and Mind:  

  • Learn how to make healthy choices with games, quizzes, and other interactive features that cover topics         such as food, nutrition, physical activity, and safety.

 6.  Teens Health:


Free Nutrition Tracking Programs/Apps

  1. Sparkteen:

  2. Choose My Plate's Supertracker.

  3. My Fitness Pal: